10 Safety Checks to Perform on Your Snowmobile Trailer

Winter is coming upon us quickly and the white stuff will be covering the ground before we know it. If you’re anxious like we are, you’ll want to get your trail pass and just get there so you can make your mark in the fresh snow. Part of getting prepared for that trip is ensuring that you can safely transport your sleds to and from your favorite trail without any mishaps or breakdowns along the way. We’re recommending 10 safety checks that you should perform before you hit the road.

1. Make sure the vehicle that you are towing your snowmobile trailer with is properly equipped. Read the vehicle’s Owner’s Manual and learn if you’ll need to purchase a towing packaging.

2. Whether you already own a towing vehicle or not, you’ll need to check the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), which is how much your trailer will weigh fully loaded. Check the side doors and online to see the weight your trailer is capable of holding.

3. Make sure you know how to properly hitch your trailer. A trusted trailer dealership can show you how this is done.

4. Check all of your lights to ensure that not only the ones on your vehicle work, but also all of those on the trailer, so those driving around you can see your vehicle and snowmobile trailer easily.

5. Double check the braking systems and purchase a breakaway switch kit that will help stop the trailer if it should get separated from your towing vehicle while on the road.

6. Ensure the tires on your trailer are filled properly with air and are the correct tire size for the trailer. Also, check that bolts and lug nuts are tight and in place.

7. When loading your trailer, consider weight distribution. Overloading one side or another can affect steering and control.

8. Secure your snowmobile on tie-down tracks and ensure that D-rings or ski bars are holding the sleds safely in place.

9. Create a safety kit that includes flares, road hazard sides, wheel chocks, jacks and spare tires.

10. Check the mirrors from your towing vehicle to make sure there is visual clearance around the trailer before you hit the road.

Using this safety checklist will ensure that you can travel to your destination with your sleds and snowmobile trailers safely in tow. Now, go get your trail pass and have some fun!

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