Like Any Fashionable Women Will Tell You – Accessorize!

Okay, not that you have to get all blingy, but there are great accessories that you can purchase to personalize your snowmobile trailer, or any trailer for that matter. We thought that we’d take a few moments to go over with you some of our most popular accessories that our customers use for their snowmobile trailers. Some will give you the personal touch that you’d like for your hauler, while others will just offer added convenience and take away the worry that you’ve forgotten something while getting packed up. Consider accessories like these:

  • Helmet Racks
  • Fuel jug and fuel jug holder
  • Oil storage rack
  • Fold out tray that can act as a mini-tool bench
  • Hooks to hold straps, clothing and more
  • Ski bar covers, guides and more

These are all available at our Caledon dealership. If you don’t see something that you’d like, let us know and our sales team will see if they can order it for you!

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