Rugged Dump Trailers for Commercial, Landscape & Home Use

Warmer weather is here and with that most landscaping businesses and farmers are picking up tempo. The construction market in Canada is also on the rise. Does your business have a dump trailer that’s ready for all the action? Does it have 4 wheel brakes? Reinhart Trailer Sales offers tough Moritz dumping trailers that can handle the toughest of jobs. Whether your hauling dirt, landscaping bricks, seed, rocks, top soil or other types of materials, these dump trailers are versatile and equipped to help you get the job done.

The Moritz DC Series Dumping trailer is a sleek unit with a double acting tailgate, LED lights with sealed wire harness, ramps and safety break-away kit with a charger. The trailer comes in lengths of 6’8”x10’ – 14’ and holds up to 9,950GVWR, 12,000 GVWR or even 14,000 GVWR. These units also come with 4 d-rings and a tarp kit with bungee cords to contain what’s being hauled from browning and fall out.

If you need a smaller dump trailer, the Moritz 5×8 series might be for you. It has a GVWR 5000 lbs. on a single axle with electric brakes and power up and down hydraulics. This trailer also has a 2 way rear gate, front roll back tarp and LED lights with a sealed modular wiring harness. It’s also available in 3 colours.

Reinhart Trailer Sales also carries the Moritz DL series. This dump trailer can haul sand, rock, small machinery and more in it’s 6’ – 6’8” wide bed. It holds a GVWR of 9,950 – 14,000 pounds and has brakes on both axles. It too comes equipped with a 2 way rear gate and front roll out tarps.

If you’re a contractor, landscaper, farmer, run an orchard or other large business that requires a dump trailer, be sure to stop in Reinhart Trailer Sales to view our full selection. We guarantee you’ll find one that will suit your needs.

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