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In the early 1970s, F. Thomas Moritz discovered the truth behind the age-old adage “necessity is the mother of invention”. A farmer by trade, Moritz purchased a trailer and was disappointed its terrible performance. Using that experience as inspiration, he designed and constructed the first Moritz Livestock Trailer.

Thus began the over 30-year legacy of Moritz Trailers.

Today, Moritz Trailers, manufactured in the United States, have dozens of distributors across America and Canada. Reinhart Trailers, the official Toronto, Ontario dealer of Moritz Trailers, is dedicated to bringing customers the best built trailers in the industry.

From flatbed trailers and dump trailers to livestock trailers and car haulers, Reinhart Trailers is the only Toronto Ontario dealer licensed to offer the complete line of Moritz Trailers. As a result, Reinhart Trailers brings to its customers the tradition of excellence of workmanship and durability of this trailer line — built to last and guaranteed to work hard.

Reinhart Trailers offers Moritz Trailers’ complete line of:

UL-Series Equipment Trailers – This Moritz Trailers series of quality trailers is constructed of steel; consequently, it’s one of the best built trailers on the market. Rugged and long-lasting, it boasts a 6” I-Beam A-frame tongue, vertical ramp bars and toolbox. Additional options such as a 14,000 GVWR are available from Moritz Trailers.

UAB-Series Utility Angle Trailers – Moritz Trailers calls this series of utility trailers its “low profile” models. Approximately 17” from the ground, the UAB-Series angle trailer makes loading almost effortless. Standard features on this model of Moritz Trailers include LED lighting, D-Rings, diamond plate fenders and ramp stand-up brackets.

TGLB-Series Gravity Tilt Trailers – Resist the forces of gravity with Moritz Trailers’ gravity tilt trailers. Moritz Trailers’ innovative design allows for easier trailing of even heavy loads. Sleek and tough, these quality workmanship trailers are built for longevity and durability.

Utility Car Hauler Trailers – Automobile hauling is a breeze when you purchase the Moritz Trailers line of utility car hauler trailers through Reinhart Trailers. A 5” channel mainframe, 83” bed width and stake pockets allow for confident hauling from location to location.

Heavy Commercial Grade Dump Trailers – Moritz Trailers such as the DL- and DD-Series are built for heavy commercial-grade towing. With removable (or fold-down) sides and the lowest loading heights available, these are truly the best built trailers around… and they blow the competition away.

Commercial Grade Dump Trailers – For customers who want to haul lighter loads, Reinhart Trailers offers Moritz Trailers’ standard commercial grade line of dump trailer equipment. Options such as the DC-Series Commercial Grade, DR-Series (Residential Model) and the Moritz DL 5X8-Series dump trailers are designed to be long-lasting just like their heavy commercial counterparts. A two-year limited warranty, D-rings, double-acting tailgate and more come standard.

Livestock Trailers – Taking livestock from Point A to Point B is simple and convenient with Moritz Trailers’ C- and S-Series livestock trailers. Low maintenance and stable, these livestock trailers are some of Reinhart Trailers’ strongest sellers.

Flatbed Trailers – Moritz Trailers offers the F-Series and UD-Series of flatbed trailers and Reinhart Trailers is the only authorized Toronto Ontario dealer of this state-of-the-art equipment. With sleek designs and smooth tows, the F-Series and UD-Series are the best of the best.

Landscape/Utility Trailers – The LR-Series of Moritz landscape/utility trailers has been recently redesigned with a 5” channel tongue, 12,000 GVWR option and even stronger frame. Residential and commercial customers will instantly discover just why this landscape/utility trailer is considered one of the best built trailers on the market.

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