Triton Trailers

Legacies are hard to come by, but the company behind Triton Trailers—the often heralded Triton Corporation—has solidified its role as an industry leader.

Triton Corporation is the oldest aluminum trailer manufacturer of recreational vehicles and utility uses in North America. Not surprisingly, Triton Trailers have a reputation for being so well-built that they last for years (and are even passed down from generation to generation), thus cementing their rank as the industry leader. With this kind of exceptional status quo, it should come as no surprise that Reinhart Trailers, one of the leading Toronto, Ontario dealers of trailers and trailer utilities, is a key distributor and official dealer of the Triton Trailers line.

Triton Trailers offer unsurpassed value, innovation and durability. From all-purpose units to Triton-designed aluminum truck beds, Reinhart Trailers provides customers across the Toronto region with the opportunity to invest in a Triton.

Through Reinhart Trailers, consumers and businesses can purchase many Triton Trailers models, including:

Fully Enclosed Aluminum Framed Trailers – Triton Trailers’ entirely enclosed aluminum framed trailers are built for performance and permanence. The Cargo Series, 7’ Wide Series, 8’ Wide Series, Low Boy Series, XT Enclosed 7’ or 8′ Wide Series and TC Enclosed are all equipped with exactly the right combination of state-of-the-art components to meet customers’ needs.

Aluminum Snowmobile Trailers – Reinhart Trailers offers the complete line of Triton aluminum snowmobile trailers, perfect for hauling 21st century big boy (and girl!) “toys”. Available in XT, LT and ELITE series, each Triton aluminum snowmobile trailer comes standard with safety chains, fully treated marine grade plywood (complete with a limited lifetime warranty) and rubber sealed lights with protective lenses. Special orders for Triton aluminum snowmobile trailers are also available through Reinhart Trailers.

Aluminum Coveralls – Protecting the investment of a snowmobile is simple with one of Triton Trailers’ spectacularly dependable coveralls. From the 2KF Single Place Coverall to the 2KF 4×4 Coverall, Triton Trailers’ models offer attractive affordability and easy access.

ATV Trailers – The Triton Trailers line of ATV Trailers make loading simple by offering sturdy, balanced ramps. Triton’s ATV trailers are available in side-loading and rear-loading designs as well as enclosed ATV models.

Aluminum Utility Trailers – Reinhart Trailers understands that customers sometimes need a trailer that can handle the job under a wide variety of circumstances. For those instances when an all-purpose model is required, there’s no better investment than a Triton Trailers utility trailer. Options on Triton’s aluminum utility trailers include bi-fold and/or full ramps.

Aluminum Motorcycle Trailers – When conditions aren’t primed for a motorcycle ride, Triton Trailers offers the ultimate in open, heavy-duty aluminum motorcycle trailers.

Personal Watercraft Trailers – Boating enthusiasts give high scores to Triton Trailers’ line of personal watercraft hauling equipment. Triton’s watercraft trailers can handle one, two or four crafts. Special cantilever lift and drive-on pontoon (DOP) Triton Trailers pontoon boat trailers can also be ordered through Reinhart Trailers.

Best of all, every Triton Trailers purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. Contact Reinhart Trailers today to request a quote or to receive more information.

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