How to Choose a Quality Horse or Livestock Trailer

Moritz CR Series Horse & Livestock Trailer

With so many horse and livestock trailers on the market, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right unit for your needs. Whether your love to ride the trails, participate in competitions or have to take an animal to the vet, it’s important to take such things into consideration as: how many animals you plan to transport, the distance that you’ll be travelling, feeding needs, material the horse trailer is constructed from, accessories, the best options for towing and more. It will also be important to choose a manufacturer that has warranties on each trailer in case there’s a need for replacement or upgrades.

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Quality Horse Trailer Designs and Options

Our top of the line Featherlite horse and livestock trailers are fully constructed of aluminum. This material weighs less than steel and has been proven to be more economical to pull. Aluminum is also more resistant to corrosion giving it a longer life. On the interior, there are several options that can be added to customize your horse trailer. Keeping your horses safe is a priority. Most trailers that are designed for long distance travel will have lower lips at the entrances for easier loading as well as rubber-lined floors and walls to help with shock absorption. As you inspect the trailer design, also pay attention to how well doors, windows, gates and dividers open and latch. Storage is also an important component to consider. It is ideal for safely tucking away tack and vet supplies, saddles, wraps, brushes, boots and more. Cabinets are a convenient option that can be added to designated models. Moritz Manufacturing also offers a line of the highest quality steel horse & livestock trailers that are available in several different sizes and styles of bumper pulls. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, let us know. We can work with the manufacturers to design a trailer that meets your requirements.

Exterior Features for Easier Navigation

Whenever you’re travelling with precious cargo, you want to make sure the exterior is also in great shape. During a visual inspection, remember to check the locks to make sure that all doors and windows will remain secured during travel. Backing up is easier when you use a rear view camera or add motion sensors. Moreover, how easy is it for you to see others on the road and for them to see you? Most aluminum models are more slender in design, helping you see around typical blind spots. There are also horse trailers with LED lights that wrap from the front to the back so those beside you and behind you will know when you plan to change lanes or turn.

There are many more things to consider before purchasing a horse trailer. Make sure to speak with a trained trailer professional at Reinhart Trailer Sales. We can show you both new and used horse and livestock trailers. Ask about financing as well. Good luck with your horse and livestock trailer search!

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