How to Maintain a Trailer

How to Perform Spring Maintenance on Your Trailers

Spring is here, and spring cleaning isn’t just for your home – it’s necessary for your trailer, too. If you have a utility trailer, landscape trailer, watercraft trailer, motorcycle trailer or any other kind of trailer, regular maintenance is essential to guarantee peak performance and prolong your trailer’s life. Following is a list of our 20 trailer maintenance tips to keep your trailer performing at its best in order to meet all your hauling needs for a long time to come.

Top Tips for Trailer Maintenance

  1. Check air pressure in the trailer tires. Air if necessary.
  2. Check trailer tires for cracks. Replace if necessary.
  3. Ensure the trailer is outfitted with the proper tires.
  4. Ensure the trailer’s electrical and wiring is working.
  5. Check the trailer fenders for proper and secure mounting.
  6. Check the trailer wiring for corrosion and wear.
  7. Check the coupler lock for secure placement.
  8. Check tail lights, turn lights, towing lights and other lights. Replace if necessary.
  9. Check safety chains for wear and stretch.
  10. Check door hardware for security, functionality and lubrication.
  11. Lubricate the tongue jack and other moving parts of the trailer.
  12. Ensure the emergency breakaway switch or cable is working properly.
  13. Check the charger for the emergency breakaway switch or cable.
  14. Pad the jack to prevent sand buildup and damage to your driveway.
  15. Check that the safety clips are properly in place within the receiver.
  16. Make sure the safety chains are crossed once only under the receiver.
  17. Inspect the trailer locks for proper connection and security.
  18. Choose a properly rated receiver for the tow vehicle.
  19. Use a properly rated and correctly sized ball on the trailer.
  20. Ensure the coupler size matches the ball size on the receiver.

There you have it! Reinhart Trailers’ top trailer maintenance tips. Follow these to get your trailers ready for the Spring season and to ensure long-lasting safety and performance from your trailer.

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