Showcasing our Top Trailers for Summer

Carmate SST Utility & Landscape Trailer

It’s that time of year where we really start to showcase trailers that you’re going to need to start preparing for those warm summer months. We’d like to take this time to mention a few of our more popular trailer lines to help you start making decisions and be ready when you need your trailer.

Utility and landscaping trailers are in high demand. We have customers who use our trailers for their landscaping and lawn mowing businesses. Donald, Jr. has made a great video that shows how trimmers and other tools can be stored on an open trailer. The best thing about the utility and landscaping trailers is that they can have multiple uses. They can haul a variety of things including yard waste, small equipment, building and home renovation materials and more! Their versatility is reached unmatched. Come see for yourself and make sure to grab one of us to answer your questions.

Car trailers are also a popular product for those who are beginning the summer racing series and for those who enjoy taking their cars to shows across Ontario and into other provinces. We have customized car trailers for racing teams as well as outfitted them for customers who just love their hobby.

Horse and livestock trailers are also another line we’d like to mention. When warmer weather approaches, the shows and local fair begin. Make sure you have a quality carrier that will haul your horses safely to and from events. We have a variety of great options that will make your trailer one-of-a-kind. They are also great for transporting other farm animals like cattle and hogs to market. Stop in and let us help you find one that will best meet your needs. And, if we don’t have one that specifically meets your needs, we can always place a special order.

And last, but not least, and one of our favorite, are the motorcycle trailers. We have open and enclosed units that can hold one or more bikes at a time. We also have a variety of accessories in our shop that will give you the convenience you need for traveling.

We encourage you to view the trailer lines here on our website or just stop in our dealership. We’re easy to find and would love to speak to you soon.

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