How to Launch a Boat Off Your Boat Trailer

Are you new at boating and need a quality boat trailer and a guide as to how to get your new toy into the water safely?

First things first, which is making sure you have a reliable trailer to haul your boat, pontoon boat, or personal water craft. Make sure to check with Reinhart Trailer Sales who has a selection of boat trailers from which you can choose. But, here’s a tip before you come to our dealership: take time to write down the specs of your boat or personal water craft. This will assist the sales team in finding the right size and one that meets your needs. This list will also help us help you make the right selection of accessories that you’ll need to keep your toys safe during transport, loading and unloading.

Once you’ve found a great boat trailer, the next step is learning how to properly launch your water craft into the water. There are several things to keep in mind. And, we’re going to review a few of them with you here.

    1. Always disconnect your tail light wiring harness before backing into the water.


    1. Need to load supplies into your boat? Make sure there are plenty of life jackets and all safety items included with your gear. Now is also a great time to replace your rear drain plug. Actually, make sure you check this several times.


  1. When you’re ready, with the rear straps removed, gently back your boat trailer into the water just until your watercraft starts to gently float. Once it’s floating, with 2 secure lines tied to the bow and stern, carefully disconnect your craft from the trailer or winch. While carefully floating it off the back of the trailer and securing both lines to a solid dock hook or cleat. After pulling your trailer out of the water, make sure you reconnect the tail lights on the trailer.

Another great tip is that if you know someone who has a boat trailer similar to yours, ask them if you can watch them load and unload their trailer. They’ve more than likely completed this task more than once and should be happy to teach you how to do it. Moreover, they could probably share their best tips with you as well!

Good luck with your personal water craft and boat trailer!

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