Visual Trailer Inspections Available at Reinhart

Whether you’re putting away your snowmobile trailer away for the Summer or getting out your trailer for use now, be sure it’s in the best shape for storage or use. We have posted other articles on trailer maintenance, but thought we’d give you a few tips here as well. Trailer maintenance is just as important as maintaining your vehicle. If you need assistance, we do offer free visual inspections that will help you determine what needs to be repaired and what doesn’t.

Things to take a look at include your bearings to make sure they are not damaged. This may include having your hubs inspected more closed, cleaned and re-greased. Here are some other tips too:

  • Check all of your lights to ensure they are working properly and do not have damaged covers.
  • Check your tires, not just for proper inflation, but also for any slow leaks or normal wear and tear. Replace them if necessary.
  • Clean out the interior of your trailer. This may include wiping down walls, cleaning out cabinets and cleaning the floor.
  • Check all wiring for loose connections or wear. Replace as necessary.

Remember, we do offer a free visual inspection and can perform light repair right here at our Caledon store. We also carry a full parts department so make sure you stop in and get what you need to put your trailer in tip-top shape. And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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