How to Choose the Right Trailer for Your Classic Car

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One thing about classic car enthusiasts is that they take a lot of pride in the car or truck that they have restored. After all, owners like you have poured time, money and resources into making the vehicle look and run as well or better than it did back in its hey-day and you want to share with others your hard work. So, it only makes perfect sense to find a car trailer that will showcase, store and protect your investment. Now, the tough decision can be whether to choose an open or enclosed trailer. You’ll also need to choose options to get the most out of your trailer purchase and that where we can help. Below are the top things you should consider prior to purchasing a trailer for your classic car or truck.

  1. Consider the type of protection you want for your vintage vehicle. Do you want to store it on an open trailer with a cover inside or outside of a garage? If you don’t have a garage, would an enclosed trailer be better for protecting your car or truck from the elements like extreme heat, rain storms, stone chips, snow, ice, debris from lawn mowers, snow blowers and more?
  2. Consider the weight of your classic car so you know what size of axles you’ll need on the car trailer. You can do this by calculating the GVWR on your vehicle and that capacity of the trailer you are looking at to purchase. Also, check the towing capacity of the vehicle you are going to use to tow it. If you’re still not sure, write down your information as ask your local trailer expert.
  3. Determine what accessories you are going to need on your car trailer. For example, most trailers have ramps that you can drive your car up on. However, will you need a wench to get it loaded properly. If you purchase an enclosed trailer, will you have room for all the extras you’ll need for the show that you’re attending? Consider a place for your tools, extra parts, and other must-haves.

Ultimately, having the right vintage car trailer can make storage and shows much easier. In the Greater Toronto Area, we recommend that you visit with Reinhart Trailer Sales. This award-winning dealership has plenty of open and enclosed car trailers on their lot. From racing trailers to classic car trailers, they will be able to help you determine the best hauler for your needs and can help with any customization options you require. Visit to choose your car trailer or to
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