Keeping Up with Your Boat Trailer Maintenance

Fall is approaching and so is cooler weather. Soon, we’ll all be putting our boats and personal water crafts away for the Summer in preparation for dropping temperature and Winter recreation activities. Now is the time to start thinking about what you need to do to maintain your trailer so it’s properly prepared for storage and ready to be pulled out and used again in the Spring. We’ve already written some articles on this topic, but thought we should hit home again with a few quick reminders for boat trailer maintenance:

1) First, consider allowing us to perform a visual inspection of your trailer. For one, it’s free and two, we can help you learn more about what needs to be replaced or repaired. (Plus, we have a full parts department in our store, so replacement parts can be purchased on site or, we can schedule a service appointment for you.)

2) Look at your electrical to make sure all the lights are working properly, the lenses aren’t cracked or broken or that bulbs are out.

3) Check your wheel bearings and hubs to see what may need to be replaced or greased again.

4) Are you tires in good repair? Check to see if any are going down or need to be replaced.

As we’ve mentioned, these are just a few tips to get you started. Feel free to visit our maintenance articles for more information or contact us to schedule your boat trailer for a visual inspection today!

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