Why a Cargo Trailer is Needed for your GTA Business

Being a hands-on business owner in the Greater Toronto Area means that you need reliable storage and transportation to make and keep your business successful. Contractors, plumbers, landscapers and vendors in Southern Ontario should rely on a durable enclosed cargo trailer to get the job done. With endless possibilities for customization on the inside and out, a cargo trailer can act as your office, your workshop and your storage facility – a natural and versatile all-in-one.

There are several types of cargo trailers available in the Toronto market. Let’s first look at the width of the trailer. The range will typically go from as small as 4 feet to as wide as 8 feet. Before you decide which width is best, consider the needs of your business. For example, do you have equipment such as mowers and ATVs? If you’re loading a small vehicle, you’ll need room for clearance and possible storage on either side. Other considerations may include creating a list of tools and accessories that you want to include on the interior. Do you need a workbench and cabinets with lighting so you can see to work? Or, do you need hooks and shelving to store special equipment and chemicals for maintenance and cleaning? Which leads us to the next size issue, and that’s length.

Just as there are varying widths, there are also varying lengths. Again, make a list of what you need to haul with you get the job done. Is there enough room for trimmers, rake, shovels, 2x4s, plywood sheets, piping, new appliances, food coolers and storage? Would you need the extra storage that a V-Sport offers? When we talked about the width, we also asked about small vehicles that may be needed. We encourage you to do some measuring to find out how much extra length you will need if that is what you are indeed hauling.

Catch the attention of potential new customers by taking advantage of the blank exterior of your hauler! Turn your enclosed cargo trailer into a mobile billboard by adding a dynamic design to all sides of the hauler. Check with a trusted Toronto trailer dealership who can assist you with the details.

And, there’s a final comment or two that before this article ends in regards to your interior space. Above you read about accessories that can be added to your trailer to give you maximum usability. Creating a list like this will also give you an idea about custom options that you may need to add to your unit. Be sure to discuss all of your wishes with your trailer rep who should be able to help you with ordering details.

You can learn more about your ideal cargo trailer in the GTA from Reinhart Trailer Sales, a trusted trailer dealership with a track history of quality and durability. View our website or visit our lot for our entire new and used inventory.

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