How to Find the Ideal Enclosed Trailer for Your Snowmobile & Other Cargo

Triton TC 167 - Enclosed Snowmobile TrailerNew to snowmobiling? No problem, we can help…with your trailer that is! When you purchase a new snowmobile, the next logical step is to buy a quality open or enclosed trailer that you can use to pull it to the trails. A big question may be as to why type of snowmobile trailer you should purchase. We’re here to tell you that though either would work, an enclosed trailer might be a better choice for you. Let us explain.

Let’s talk first about accessories. Chances are, that when you purchased your snowmobile, you also bought gear to go with it. Items like a good quality snowsuit, helmets, gloves & boots; but, what about the bigger things? If you’re heading in a big distance to start you’re run, you’ll probably have with you a survival pack (like a backpack of some sort) as well as a gas can. There are also communications devices, flashlights and covers for your vehicles when they aren’t in use. With all that extra gear, you’re going to need a place to haul it and store it. This is where an enclosed trailer comes in handy!

An enclosed trailer provides you with plenty of options for storage, including a place to safely haul your snowmobile. Tracks can be installed on the floor that your snowmobile can help slide into place during transport. And tie down points will ensure that your sled locks down while in transit. Cabinetry, shelving and hooks are available to hang avalanche kits, back packs, helmets, clothing, extra straps and more. Shelving is perfect for setting up a small repair station if needed. Cabinets can be organized to store tools, communication devices and other accessories that will be needed while you are on the trail. The experts at Reinhart Trailer Sales are prepared to assist you with making the decisions of what is necessary and what are nice extras to make transportation a breeze.

We encourage you to view our line of enclosed trailers for sale here at Reinhart. We have served the Greater Toronto Area including the towns of Caledon, Brampton, Barrie, Dundalk, Erin, Milton, Shelburne, Orangeville, Collingwood, Schomberg and more for many years and are ready to help you make that new or used enclosed trailer purchase. Stop by or request a quote online today!

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