Gardening is More Fun with the Right Garden Trailer

For gardeners everywhere, it’s time to start planning this Spring’s planting season. Are you going to expand the garden? Fix the landscaping in the side yard? Or, maybe you’ve decided to finally add that Zen garden by the pool that you’ve always wanted. Wouldn’t any of these projects go more smoothly with the right garden trailer?

Car Mate Garden Cart

Use the Car Mate garden cart for all of your home gardening needs.

Reinhart’s heavy-duty garden trailers are great for hauling patio blocks, firewood, gardening supplies and more. One type of trailer we sell, the Car Mate Garden Cart, has steel construction, with 15” sides, and has a tilt bed giving you a convenient option for hauling. It simply attaches to your lawn mower, ATV or other vehicle. The Car Mate SST is also a top seller with a range of sizes depending on the project Reinhart Trailer Sales can also help you find a larger sized dumping trailer for those bigger residential garden projects.

The Triton brand of landscape trailers can also hold larger loads, offering aluminum walls and a bi-fold ramp. If you like options, Reinhart Trailers have the best selection to choose from when you’re looking for an ideal landscape and garden trailer.

This weekend, when you make that shopping list full of gardening tools and supplies, don’t forget how important it is to haul that product with ease and in style from one side of your yard to the other. Not only will you be able to get the project done in less time, you’ll be the envy of your whole neighborhood. Come see us or visit us online at

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