Busy Landscapers Rely on our Dump Trailers

Moritz DC Series Bumper Pull Dump Trailer

Contractors, farmers and landscapers alike need dump trailers to move materials, landscaping products and seed, fertilizer and heavy-duty equipment safely and fast. Reinhart Trailer Sales recommends the Moritz dump trailer series as they are the toughest and most durable trailers in the market. Current owners will tell you that they’ve chosen this manufacturer over the competition because of their durability and ease of use. Currently, we offer a variety of models to choose from allowing you the flexibility of choosing the right dumping trailer to match your project need. Keep reading to learn why busy, hard-working industries choose this trailer line time and time again.

As you may have already seen on our YouTube channel, our dump trailers come are available with single or tandem axles and offer the ease of hydraulics to help with releasing your load. Depending on the model you choose, the rear gate can also be used as a ramp, making loading and unloading a cinch. Some models are equipped with tarps and bungee cords that will protect your haul from inclement weather during storage or transport. Additionally, most come with pockets so that wood pieces/board can be added to give more height if needed for your load.

Smaller trailers are ideal for the do-it-yourselfers and smaller jobs where rock or other materials might need to be hauled. Our larger dump trailers are perfect for contractors and larger landscape companies that may need to haul small equipment like skid steers, mini excavators, four wheelers and other small equipment to a job site. Farmers also like to use the dump trailers to transport materials to planters, fields, feed barns and more. If you’re not sure which Moritz dump trailer best meets your needs, just ask one of our sales team members or utilize the Ask an Expert at the top of this page. We’re happy to help!

When your trade requires the best trailer, look to Moritz and Reinhart Trailers Sales. There is really no better investment than a dump trailer combined with the support and expertise that Reinhart Trailer Sales can provide. View available Moritz dump trailers on our site now.

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