ATVs and ATV Trailers Aren’t Just for the Guys!

While it’s not unusual to see pictures of guys riding ATVs or putting their quads on ATV trailers to take to a cool destination, it’s important to realize that tons of gals love this type of outdoor activity as well! In fact, there are Facebook pages totally devoted to girls and their ATVs. What do 21st century ladies find so exciting about these traditionally “tough guy” toys? Check it out:

#1: ATVs are fun!
Unlike a century ago, girls today are taught that they can enjoy fun just as much as the boys do. So from an early age, many gals learn to ride their ATVs. They happily hitch up their ATV trailers to their vehicles to go on excursions, with or without dudes.

#2: ATVs are a workout.
No one who has ever really ridden an ATV hard would say that the experience wasn’t an awesome workout. Let’s face it: Gals do like to keep their health and fitness levels up as far as they can. So an ATV ride is a nice way to get the heart pumping and the cardio working!

#3: ATVs get you outside.
Many women love the outdoors, so they love taking long rides on their ATVs. Really, it’s a snap for them to hook up their ATV trailers and go to a state forest, or private or property where ATV riding is allowed.

#4: More women are riding ATVs.
Gals are starting to ride ATVs so much that they are beginning to bring their BFFs with them on the trail. This, in turn, gets more women excited about the prospects of becoming ATV riders. In the end, this all works to benefit the ATV community as a whole!

Remember: It doesn’t matter what your chromosomes say. If you love ATVing, it’s the right recreational sport for you!

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