Tips for Lovers of ATVs and ATV Trailers

Whether you’re a first-time ATV owner, or a seasoned buyer of ATVs, it’s never a bad idea to keep some sensible safety tips in mind regarding these amazing vehicles. After all, no one wants to have a preventable accident occur. With this in mind, Reinhart Trailers offers several helpful hints to ensure that your next ATV ride goes smoothly from beginning to end!

Tip #1: Get to know your ATV (and your ATV trailer)
Sure, it’s tempting to get on your ATV and ride, ride, ride… but it’s not a practical idea if you want to avoid potential issues. Always thoroughly get to know your equipment. Spend time looking at all aspects of the ATV and ATV trailer so you won’t be surprised by a thing.

Tip #2: Ride with friends
Riding with buddies isn’t just fun; it’s also a safety measure. When you’re riding your ATV with others, you’ll be able to know that someone is always watching your back. Plus, you’ll be building more fabulous memories.

Tip #3: Inspect your ATV and ATV trailers before and after a ride
While it may seem like “overkill”, this is a smart way to avoid incidents on the trail. Before and after every ride, check your tire pressure, your chains, your clutch, the hand grips, etc. The more comprehensively you do this, the less likely that something will surprise you… in a not-so-good way!

Tip #4: Protect your ATV
While your ATV is designed for rough terrain, it should always be “babied” when it comes to keeping it functioning highly. Don’t leave your ATV uncovered out-of-doors for weeks on end, and make sure to wash it off. The more time you spend on maintenance, the more years you’ll get out of your new toy!

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