4 Things You Can Do with Dump Trailers in Toronto

Wish you had a dump truck of your own? If it isn’t feasible for you to go out and buy one, why not do the next-best thing and purchase a dump trailer? Dump trailers enable people in Toronto to tackle all sorts of chores efficiently. The most robust models can stand up to your toughest tasks, including the four listed below.

  1. Task: Repave your stone wall and driveway. This is definitely a place where your dump trailer will come in particularly handy! Pavers weigh tons – literally – and you don’t want to take them from location to location by hand. Not only would it be inefficient, but it would be hard on your body! With a dump trailer, you can fill up the bed and then dump the stones where you need them.
  2. Task: Spread that mulch. Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, why would you try to spread hundreds of pounds of mulch using your brawn alone? Make your life much simpler and fill a dump trailer with the mulch. Then, you can take it from area to area. Dump a little or a lot, and spread it at the site where it’s needed.
  3. Task: Help dump the junk you’re throwing away during a move. Remember the last time you relocated? You probably had tons of junk that you had to lug to a landfill. Instead of doing that this time around, you can use your dump trailer to a little more conscientious. For instance, you could fill the dump truck with all your unwanted electronics and then take them to a special place that accepts those types of unwanted items so components can be removed and reused.
  4. Task: Assist your buddy with some construction work. Again, you don’t need a full dump truck to be able to complete a construction-level job. If you or a friend has to move sand, bags of concrete, or other construction materials, a dump trailer can be a lifesaver. In fact, some of the heavier-duty models will shock you with their durability and affordability.

To learn more about the ways you can make use of your dump trailer, whether you live in Toronto or are located in Caledon near our store, Reinhart Trailers is here to help!

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