5 Uses for Landscape Trailers in Ontario

Think all landscape trailers have only a few purposes? Prepare to be surprised – in a great way! In fact, your landscape trailer can do more in Ontario than you ever thought possible! Try some of these uses on for size, and take a new look at the power of a landscape trailer.

  1. Take all those unnecessary items from the house to the barn (or storage facility) with ease. Are you like most people with too much clutter in their homes? Reduce the messiness by packing away home furnishings and furniture that you don’t need right now. You’ll love the way your property looks, and your back won’t hurt from moving everything from one location to another!
  2. Take home all those awesome auction finds! If you’re an auction lover, you know how hard it can be when you see something that would be perfect, but you don’t have a way to get it from the auction to your home. This is one place where a landscape trailer can truly come in handy. (Bonus: If you uncluttered your home in the abovementioned step, you’ll have room for your new treasures!)
  3. Help a neighbor with a building project. Have you ever tried to haul wood, tar paper or some other type of building supply? After a while, it gets to be incredibly burdensome; in fact, if you aren’t careful, you could wind up with seriously sore muscles… or worse. A landscape trailer is the perfect vehicle to move wood, nails and other items from one job site to another.
  4. Move appliances like a pro. Refrigerators, washers and dryers are heavy! However, when you avail yourself of a furniture dolly, you can simply roll the appliance onto your landscape trailer and take it wherever you want it to go. No fuss, no muss, and no trips to the emergency room!
  5. Pick up the trash. No one likes a litterbug, but let’s face it: They exist. The next time you agree to help a group clean up an area, such as an Ontario community park, bring your landscape trailer with you. All that debris can be properly disposed in an efficient fashion. You can also clean up scrap iron and metals to store recyclers for cash!

Be open-minded and make your landscape trailer work for you. You’ll be surprised at just how much you can do.

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