Toronto Residents: It Is Time to Winterize Your Dump Trailers!

Alas – the summer season is ending! This doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying the beauty that Toronto has to offer, but it does mean that you should start thinking about winterizing your dump trailers. Most people take this task for granted, and they end up paying for their neglect in the springtime. Instead of allowing your dumping trailer to succumb to the ravages of winter, prep it well, taking the following steps (or at least those that are applicable to your situation!)

  1. Clean the dump trailer completely from every possible angle. Baby it a bit; after all, it served you well!
  2. Lubricate all those moving parts. They used up plenty of grease from use in the warmer months, and that lube needs to be replaced. Also, check hydraulic oil.
  3. Inspect all the wheel bearings, etc. Be thorough and make note of any repairs that will be needed. It’s better to tackle them now than be surprised in a few months.
  4. Take care of any rust that may have developed on the dump trailer. This does occur, especially if your dump trailer is older. Make sure the rust isn’t allowed to worsen; the faster you deal with it, the better the dump trailer will perform in the spring.
  5. Store the dump trailer someplace safe for the cold weather. While it can definitely be left in a garage or shed, make sure it’s not in the elements for the duration of the winter if possible.
  6. If you have a battery in your dump trailer, pull it out. Batteries that are left in storage can sometimes leak all over the components next to them and make an acidic mess.
  7. Repaint any areas that have been scratched up from summer and autumn use. Make sure the paint you choose is right for your type of dump trailer!

As a final word of advice, remember that dump trailers don’t last forever. If yours is truly on its last legs, it may be time to lay it to rest and purchase another one. There’s no need to buy a new model; there are plenty of used dump trailers in Toronto to be bought. Just make sure you pick the one that will help you achieve all your goals.

Of course, for more information on winterizing dump trailers, we invite you to visit Reinhart Trailers in our Caledon location! No matter what the weather looks like, we’ll be there during business hours to serve you.

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