Toronto Horse Owners: Buy Your Horse Trailers for Sale, but Remember Your Horse in the Process!

While it makes perfect sense for Toronto horse owners to be interested in buying their horse trailers for sale, it is important that the horse not be forgotten in the process.  Horses have their own personalities, and some have more difficulty than others in accepting a trailer as a temporary “home” to get them from one point to another.

The first step for horse trailer buyers is to purchase a trailer that will be appropriate for the horse’s size.  A trailer should be roomy enough so the horse doesn’t feel completely cramped – although he or she will undoubtedly feel that at first – but not so roomy that the horse constantly stumbles or could fall if the ride becomes bumpy.  Certainly, the horse is going to have to adjust his or her footing throughout any rides in the horse trailer, but adjusting footing and risking a fall are two very different things.

The next consideration is how to train the horse to become accustomed to the horse trailer.  In general, most horses need to feel comfortable with their handlers before they will agree to be led into a trailer.  However, this isn’t always able to happen, especially if an owner is taking possession of a new horse of whom he or she has seen very little previously.  Patience is the key in either case, and that patience must be exhibited from the human, not the animal.

In order to load a horse successfully into a horse trailer, the owner must take charge of the situation and be firm, but focused and respectful.  Many horses don’t like to step up into a trailer; others won’t have a problem with the experience.  Again, it’s important to adjust the leading method to the temperament of the horse to be trailered.  Practicing “stop and go” exercises with the horses prior to loading on the trailer usually assists in making sure the process goes as smoothly as it can.

Finally, don’t forget that every horse deserves some kind of a reward for doing what he or she is expected to do.  A reward can come in many forms; it needn’t always be edible.  For some horses, a nice ride after an experience in a horse trailer is exactly what the veterinarian ordered!  For other horses, a thorough rub-down, or some down-time, will suffice.

Just remember that buying the horse trailer for sale is only one step in having a successful arrangement with a horse.  In the end, every being – animal and human alike – involved in the process of trailering must be on the same page.

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