When Operating Car Trailers in Wintry Caledon, Be Aware of the Road Conditions

As anyone who lives or works in Caledon knows, wintry conditions can turn roads slippery or otherwise hazardous in a hurry. That doesn’t mean you have to stay at home and watch Mother Nature from the inside of your residence. But it does mean that you have to take some precautions when taking car trailers out during the colder months.

A few of the “to do” list items that should be considered before you put the keys in the ignition include:

  • Make sure all the tires on your car trailer, and the vehicle you’re using to haul the car trailer, are inflated to acceptable levels. Falling temperatures can make the pressure inside of tires to suddenly drop.
  • Car trailers add extra momentum behind the vehicles that tow them. If you have to stop on icy highways, the trailer may not be able to stop as easily as you might expect. A way to avoid causing an accident is to drive slowly and carefully. Even if you are eager to get to your destination, remind yourself that it’s always better to play it safe.
  • Car trailers may become stuck in snow banks, and may be difficult to remove even if the vehicle towing them is able to gain traction. Make sure you have a shovel on hand for a means of getting unstuck, a little sand and salt may also help.
  • Before you leave for your destination, pay close attention to the radar maps and weather forecasts. It’s better to know what you’re about to face than to find yourself in an unexpected blizzard or icy downpour.
  • Be careful to notice potholes in the roads that have developed after the freeze/thaw cycles of wintertime. A deep pothole can be problematic for your trailer, as well as the vehicle you’re using to haul it and its contents.

The more you prepare yourself ahead of time, the better your odds that all your winter car trailer journeys will be positive experiences.

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