Toronto Owners of ATV Trailers Wonder Whether They Can Leave Them Outdoors All Winter

At Reinhart Trailers, we hear a lot of questions about all types of trailers from customers from Toronto and around Ontario. One of the biggest ones we get asked year round is whether ATV trailers can be stored outdoors. The answer is that yes, they can… if you maintain and protect it properly.

Safe storage and protection of your equipment is essential to enjoying your ATV trailer for years to come. It’s best to store them in an area that’s going to be free from rain and other natural elements. Even excessive wind can damage an ATV trailer if blowing limbs or any type of debris comes in contact with it.

You also need to make sure you protect it as much as you can:

  • Always wash your trailer after using it to protect it from salt, sand, or mud.
  • Check the tires on your ATV trailer regularly. Heat and cold can make the tires expand or deflate, creating wear and tear on the rubber.
  • Don’t allow anyone to “play” on the equipment when it’s parked in the yard or driveway. Kids are notoriously curious, and will turn an ATV trailer into a “dragon” or other foe. If they start pounding on it with sticks or stones (yes, this does happen!), the trailer could be damaged.
  • Make sure critters like mice and squirrels aren’t making the secure inside of your ATV trailer (thanks to the heavy-duty protective covering) a nest. They’ll eat through or potentially start nibbling at things like any electricalwires.

Don’t forget to always take every precaution you can to keep your ATV trailer looking and performing like new.

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