Enjoy Yourself When Shopping for Trailer Parts in Brampton!

Who says that shopping for trailer parts needs to be a dull chore? Not the team at Reinhart Trailers! We know that whether you’re looking for trailer parts in Brampton or Toronto, it’s easy to make the experience enjoyable. That’s because there are so many different trailer parts you can choose from to enhance your trailer.

Some of the trailer parts we suggest you consider include:

  • Brakes and brake accessories. These can be needs-based, such as spring bolts and shackles, or they can be maintenance items like brake cleaner and joint grease.
  • Couplers and jacks. The coupler is an essential part of your trailer, and you may want to replace a part of it, or buy a lock to secure it.
  • Lights and electrical parts. Like the lights in a car or truck, the lights in a trailer will eventually need to be replaced. Looking for new ones is easy at a place like Reinhart Trailers!
  • Tires and wheels. One of the most recommended trailer parts to protect and secure your trailer is a wheel lock. It’s a great little tool.

Of course, if you’re new to owning a trailer, there’s no need to wonder what type of trailer part to purchase. Just stop by our Caledon store and we’ll talk with you about your options. It really is just that simple!

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