Brampton Winter Lovers: Before Putting Away Your Snowmobile Trailers, Make Sure They’re in Great Storage Shape

For many Brampton residents, March is a bittersweet month. Although they’re excited that warmer weather is on the horizon, they’re saddened by the end of snowmobiling season. If you fit in that category, be heartened to know that winter will come back again before we know it. In the meantime, before you store your snowmobile trailers, it’s important to make sure they’re in the right shape.

Below is a checklist of items to consider as you’re preparing your snowmobile trailers for storage:

  • Do all the electrical lights work?The last thing you want to have happen is to have to deal with electrical issues down the road. Address any electric concerns, such as burned out lights, before putting your snowmobile trailer away.
  • Is the trailer clean?Although snow is made up of water, it’s not the only material that’s touched your snowmobile trailer while in use. At this point in the year, most snowmobile trailers have come in contact with debris, mud and corrosive road salt. Wash the underside and exterior of your trailer before putting it into storage, and it’ll look like new when you want to use it again.
  • Are the tires in good shape?If your tires aren’t holding proper tire pressures, you’ll want to repair or replace them with new ones. Otherwise, during storage, they’ll flatten. It can also cause damage to the trailer body. Contact Reinhart Trailers for excellent prices on replacement tires for your trailers.
  • Are the moving parts well-lubricated?Rust can rear its ugly – and entirely unwanted – head while a snowmobile trailer is in storage. By greasing the trailer prior to storing it, you’ll be protecting its lubed parts.

Although it doesn’t matter where you plan to store your snowmobile trailer, the drier the location, the better. If at all possible, keep the trailer out of the elements, if you must store it over the spring, summer and fall months outdoors. You should check on it once in a while if it’s outside, just to make sure it doesn’t need any extra TLC.

Remember that if you take good care of your snowmobile trailers, they’ll take your snowmobile wherever you want to be when the chill comes back to Ontario! To learn more about snowmobile trailers, including the newest models and parts options, visit Reinhart Trailers.

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