Enclosed or Exposed? Which Used Trailers for Sale in Toronto Are Right for Hauling Your Cars?

When you want to examine used trailers for sale with the expectation that you’ll be using the trailer to haul your cars, you have an important decision. Namely, you must choose between an enclosed trailer or exposed one. Each type is well suited to specific car-hauling needs, as car enthusiasts throughout the Greater Toronto Area know.

A few of the criteria involved in picking either enclosed to open used trailers for sale that will work best for automobile and similar vehicle hauling include:

  • Is your car a classic or antique model? Automobiles that are considered “classics” or “antiques” are often hauled in an enclosed car trailer rather than one that’s exposed to the elements. Because these cars are seen as one-of-a-kind showpieces, it’s important to the owners that they remain in pristine condition. Enclosed car trailers will keep them in great condition when they are taken from event to event.
  • Are you going to be hauling a lot of different cars? If you’re going to be using your car trailer to haul a lot of different cars that are generally pretty regular in nature (rather than classics or high-end models), you can usually use an open car trailer for the jobs. Just make sure you know the parameters of the car trailer you’re buying. You’ll want one that can accept cars of various weights and sizes.
  • Are you budget conscious? Most bargain hunters who want to spend the bare minimum on a great used trailer for sale choose open car trailers rather than enclosed ones. Typically, the open models – due to the fact that they contain fewer materials – are less expensive.

There’s no real right or wrong choice when it comes to car trailers. It all boils down to finding what works best for the customer. If you aren’t sure about the perfect used trailers for you, come to Reinhart Trailers in Caledon and check out the models we have on display. We’re always more than happy to discuss your options. From Featherlite to Car Mate, we offer the most respected, reliable used car trailer on the market at exceptional prices.

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