Common Financing Options to Pay for Car Trailers in Toronto

Paying for car trailers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, there are many financing options available to people throughout Canada, such as those living in the Greater Toronto Area. A few of the more common ways that individuals have financed their car trailers at Reinhart include the following:

  • Cash – This seems obvious, but sometimes people forget that they can actually come into Reinhart with cash or a special money order from their financial institution to pay for all or part of their car trailer price. The benefit to this financing option is that if you can pay it all with cash, you won’t have any kind of loan or repayment schedule. Some places also take personal cheques, although verification with the bank may be necessary to ensure the funds exist to cover the amount.
  • Credit Cards – Do you have excellent credit? Are credit card companies offering you special discounts? You may want to take advantage of these options. For instance, some credit cards may come with 6-months or 12-months of zero interest. That can be a terrific deal, because you can make payments without having to incur any extra price in interest.
  • Third-Party Financing Options – There are third-party financing options available to some people who have decent credit. These third-party financiers can usually provide lower interest rates than are found with most credit card companies. They may also offer refinancing options depending upon the lender.
  • Trade-Ins – While it’s unlikely that a trade-in value for a used car trailer will pay for an entirely new car trailer, it can offset the price and save sales taxes and license plate charges.

To learn more about the ways that Reinhart Trailer customers have been able to pay for the car trailers they need, please stop by our business in Caledon. We’ll be able to help you determine which type of financial option is the best value for you.

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