Trailer Owners in Toronto Prep for Spring by Getting Trailer and Trailer Parts Checked

Like every trailer owner living in Toronto or any part of southern Ontario, you’re no doubt extremely excited by the coming of spring! After a very cold winter that broke records around Canada and the United States, we’re officially being greeted by all the harbingers of warm weather. In order to make the most of this great time of year, it’s a good idea to prepare by getting your trailer and trailer parts (e.g., drum brakes, brake actuators, brake electric systems, brake hydraulic systems, axles, hubs, tires, wheels, lights) checked.

Taking Care of Some Trailer Parts Maintenance Yourself

You can actually do a lot to check your trailer yourself, as long as you feel comfortable and have the right tools.  We recommend doing the following before using your trailer this year:

  • Walk around your trailer and look for any noticeable problems, like rusting, weakened spots, tires that are obviously damaged or other issues.
  • Check the axle alignment by holding a straight edged tool (such as a board) against the bulging part of the tires. The bulge should be in contact with (or in close contact with) the straight edged tool. If the alignment is off, you can try to fix the problem yourself or go to a certified service center.
  • Grease the axlehubs and other working parts.
  • Check the pressure in the tires.
  • Tighten any nuts or bolts that have become loose.
  • Inspect any electrical parts, such as brake lights and turn signals.
  • Make sure all the latches work.

You can also clean your trailer to ensure that all the dirt, grime and cobwebs are completely gone. Remember that as you go through your evaluation, it may be worth your while to write down any findings. Plus, if you feel you need any trailer parts or accessories, jot those items on your notepad to keep them handy and fresh in your mind.

Reinhart Offers Replacement Trailer Parts, Accessories and Light Repairs

After checking your trailer and doing a thorough evaluation, a trailer parts supplier such as Reinhart Trailers can help you get any trailer parts you need, as well as help you with repairs at our service center in Caledon. That way, you’ll be certain that when you get your trailer up and running, whether it’s a horse trailer or a boat trailer, you’ll be safe and secure.

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