4 Considerations When Evaluating Dump Trailers for Sale in Toronto

It wouldn’t be spring or summer without dump trailers! These do-it-all vehicles can turn a tough task into a much easier one. Not only do they make our lives simpler, but they give us the opportunity to get everything done so we have more time for family, friends and a little indulgent relaxation! If you’re planning to purchase a dump trailer, we urge you to keep these four considerations in mind when evaluating dump trailers for sale in Toronto or any part of Ontario:

Dump Trailer Consideration #1: The Warranty

What type of warranty is your dump trailer going to offer? For how long? And what exactly does the warranty cover? Just as with cars or trucks, the warranties on dump trailers for sale are going to vary widely. One dump trailer may offer a 1-year warranty with all parts included; another dump trailer may offer a 3-year warranty, but with more limited items, such as only the frame. Ask your dealer to explain the warranty in detail.

Dump Trailer Consideration #2: The Gate

There are two common types of gates found in dump trailers: the barn door and the spreader. The barn door type of gate opens from the middle and is typically used when you have items that will need a little help to flow out of the trailer bed, such as rocks. A spreader gate opens up from the bottom hinges and is more useful when you’re carrying a load of something that will more easily leave the bed on its own, such as sand or mulch. Some dump trailers have both types of gates.

Dump Trailer Consideration #3: The Hoist

The hoist is the apparatus that allows the dump trailer to lift up. Scissor hoists, which have a criss-cross shapes, are standard equipment for some dump trailer manufacturers. Another type of hoist is a single- or double-hydraulic lift. If you aren’t sure which one you prefer, ask your dealer to show you all the options. Then, you can have a conversation about which one will be perfect for your needs.

Dump Trailer Consideration #4: The Size

The size of the dump trailer you need will depend on a few factors, including what you expect to haul, the size of the vehicle that the dump trailer will be hitched to and the size of the place where you plan to store your dump trailer when not in use. Obviously, smaller dump trailers will usually cost less than larger ones, unless you’re purchasing a used larger model. Again, it’s wise to bring the vehicle you’ll be using to tow the dump trailer when you’re considering dump trailers for sale.

More than anything else, it’s important to do your homework before making a final decision on a dump trailer, or any other kind of trailer for that matter. Make sure you write down questions, too. The team at Reinhart Trailers is always happy to answer inquiries for people who want to ensure that the dump trailers they purchase are exactly perfect for their needs.

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