Tips to Safely Get Your Brampton Personal Boat onto Most Boat Trailers

It’s important to understand how to safely get your boat onto most styles of boat trailers. For this blog post, we’ll focus on getting a boat onto the trailer from in the water, and look at some of the tips and best practices. Remember that as you’re purchasing boat trailers for use in Brampton, Toronto, Ottawa or any other part of Ontario, you want to find one that is suitable for your needs.

Best Practices for Boat Trailer Safety

  1. Unless you’re boating solo, it can be extremely helpful to have someone else in the boat to drive it toward your trailer when loading. If you’re working alone, remember that you will probably have to make more use of the winch than if you had a partner who could get the boat as close to the trailer as possible.
  2. When you’re moving your boat trailer into place along the dock, be sure that your vehicle isn’t in the way of anyone else who needs to use the area. Try to park at an angle, if at all possible.
  3. The only person who should ever be on the boat when you’re docking onto your boat trailer is the operator/driver. Make sure you get all passengers off the boat.
  4. Whether you manually drive your boat onto the trailer, or use a mixture of manual manipulation and motorized driving, take it slowly. This is true whether it’s your first time docking your boat on the trailer or your 105th time!
  5. When you have ensured that your boat is completely on the trailer, make sure to attach all safety chains. Never eliminates this, as it can increase the risk of damage to the boat as well as the boat trailer.
  6. When you pull your boat out of the water via trailer, take it easy. Again, if someone is with you, have him or her watch to be certain the boat is moving properly. If there are any concerns, stop the vehicle and do a spot check.
  7. Make sure to drain any water out of the boat before the boat is completely on dry land. Never empty water from one body of water into another! You may unintentionally create an ecological problem or introduce a foreign species into the water.
  8. Don’t forget if you are around the Toronto harbor, you require an annual habour license.
  9. If you’re on the bottle, stay off the throttle.

As we are fond of saying, if you have any questions about your boat trailers, feel free to visit Reinhart Trailers in Caledon!

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