The Most Common Trailer Repair Services for Landscape, Dump and Other Trailers This Time of the Year

Think you’re the only person who needs to stop by a trailer repair shop for service during the summer? At Reinhart Trailers, we see tons of common issues that we can diagnose and fix. A few of the typical trailer repair services we offer when the weather gets warmer include:

  • Suspension repair.Having a suspension you can depend upon is critical in a trailer, and when the suspension starts to act suspicious, it’s time to bring it in for a tune-up.
  • Brakes repair. We don’t have to tell you how important it is to have working brakes on all kinds of trailers, from landscaping models to livestock versions. Brakes are a must on heavy duty models.
  • Gate repair. Gate on your trailer not working? Have you tried lubricating it, only to realize that there’s something else happening that you can’t easily solve yourself? The problem may need equipment that a repair shop has.
  • Wheel axle/bearing repair. There’s no reason to wonder why your wheels seem to be performing in a subpar way. They look great, and they’re inflated, but something’s just not right.This is where Reinhart Trailers can come into the picture and figure out exactly what’s happening. It could be an issue with the axle alignment, or even the wheel bearings. Again, these aren’t repairs we can’t tackle!
  • Electrical component repair. As happens in motor vehicles, electrical components in trailers can malfunction or come loose. A trained repair shop technician will determine where the error is occurring, and will give you choices as to how to fix it.

The most important aspect of all trailer repairs is that you should never ignore a concern. Usually, anything that’s happening with your trailer that seems unusual should be identified immediately. We’re happy to be your trailer repair partner! Visit us at our new location (not far from our former location), still in beautiful Caledon!

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