Trailer Maintenance Tipsfor Taking Care of Your ATV Trailer during the Summer Season

Summer is a great time to make use of your ATV trailer! After all, when else is the weather likely to be warm so many days out of the week? Of course, if you have a hankering for a cooler spot, Ontario is filled with woodsy trails where you can safely ride your ATV in a peaceful, natural setting that’s protected from direct sunlight by a canopy of trees. Before you can take advantage of all the memories you’ll make on your four-wheeler, you have to ensure that you’re performing trailer maintenance on your ATV trailer.

While you can absolutely take your ATV trailer to Reinhart Trailers for more complicated maintenance, there are some tips for maintaining your prized possession at home:

  1. Keep your ATV trailer clean.If you’re like most people, you put your ATV trailer through the wringer at times. This means it’s likely to get muddy. It may even become dotted with flecks of tar from the roadway, or – unappealing as this sounds – debris from insects who flew too close to your trailer while you were on the highway. Wash your ATV trailer with a cleanser that isn’t too harsh; you don’t want to damage any surfaces that have been stained or painted. Don’t forget to wash the underside, too.
  2. When your ATV trailer is clean and dry, touch it up with a bit of wax. Are there some metal parts on your ATV trailer that could easily rust if you weren’t careful? Many ATV trailers can be regularly touched up with special wax. The wax is applied to the steel parts so they aren’t exposed to the air. If a rust spot does develop, you can either sand it down and repaint the spot yourself, or bring it to Reinhart Trailers in Caledon.
  3. Keep any moving parts nicely lubricated. Lubricant is definitely an ATV trailer’s best friend! When you lube up the axles, etc., you’re preventing them from breaking down before their time. The longer you can enjoy your ATV trailer, the better!
  4. Keep your ATV trailer wheels inflated. We’re talking about proper inflation. Just as it’s essential to maintain the right level of inflation in your vehicle’s tires, you need to do so for your ATV trailer. Check them regularly for any leaks, especially if you’ve been driving them hard on rocky surfaces.

With regular trailer maintenance, your ATV trailer should be able to serve your needs throughout the summer months. If you ever have any questions about how to maintain it, or you want to bring it in, just give Reinhart Trailers a call or stop by.

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