How to Know When It’s Time for Trailer Maintenance

Have you been putting off your trailer maintenance?  Maybe you know conclusively that you absolutely have to bring your trailer in to get checked; perhaps you’re not certain if your trailer really needs a tune-up at all.  If you fall into the first category, pick up the phone right now and make an appointment; early intervention is a big key to getting the most value from your trailer.  If you’re in the latter category, read on to find out some red flags that indicate it’s time to get your trailer maintained by a pro.

Visual Indications Your Trailer Needs Some Maintenance

You can learn a lot just by looking at your trailer.  Without touching it or driving it, look for any of the following signals that something could be amiss:

  • One side of the trailer seems to be lower than the other. Certainly, this could be a problem with air pressure in the tires, but it could also be something more serious if there’s a problem with the axles or some other part of the trailer.
  • There’s a lot of rust on your trailer. This doesn’t mean your trailer is ready for the scrap heap, but it does mean that you have to do something to mitigate further rust damage.  Plus, some of the trailer parts could need to be replaced.
  • You can see broken items on the trailer. If it’s broken, you have to fix it – period.  Too many times, broken trailer parts become a hazard when the trailer is in operation.

Hands-On Signs Your Trailer Needs Some Maintenance

Beyond looking over your trailer, it’s time to get your hands on it as well.  This will help you discover anything such as:

  • A trailer part isn’t moving efficiently.
  • An axle or other item seems to be bent.
  • There are rust spots or other signs of wear and tear in places that aren’t obvious, such as under the trailer bed.

Road Signs Your Trailer Needs Some Maintenance

Take your trailer out for a quick test spin.  Does it seem to ride smoothly?  Does it list to one side?  Are all the electrical components working as they should?  Have someone drive behind your vehicle and observe the trailer in motion, making notes on anything that just doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly.

Yes, All Trailers Need to Get Maintenance at Some Point!

Even if you bought the most top-of-the-line trailer you could find, it’s going to need trailer maintenance at some point.  That’s just part of being a trailer owner.  However, like your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle, the trailer maintenance has a purpose.  You’ll be able to get more use and enjoyment from your trailer because you intervened when necessary.

When your trailer is ready for a check-up, whether routine or not, feel free to bring it to Reinhart Trailers in Caledon, Ontario.  We’ll be happy to look it over and give it the tuning up it needs to get it running smoothly again.

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