What to Ask When Buying Trailers for Sale

You probably already have a list of questions that you typically ask when you’re buying a new or used car. In fact, you may not even have to write down your questions; after all, they’re completely intuitive. Yet when it comes to investigating trailers for sale, many savvy buyers become tongue-tied. What should they ask of sellers to ensure that they get the best deal possible?

If you’ve already started looking for trailers for sale, we suggest you use at least a few of these questions to vet both the seller and the trailer. That way, you’ll get the product you need and want, and you’ll never feel like you were sold a “lemon”!

  • How old is this trailer? Of course, you can use the Internet to get an indication of this answer. However, it’s worth asking, especially to see if the seller is being upfront. (You can conduct due diligence and check on the seller’s response later.)
  • How long has the seller had the trailer? If you’re buying a trailer from a private seller, you’ll want to know how long he or she owned the trailer. On the other hand, if you’re buying from a dealer that offers trailers for sale, this question won’t be as critical.
  • Has the trailer ever been in an accident? Yes, this is important, because an accident can hurt a trailer just like it can hurt any vehicle.
  • How has the trailer been maintained? Just because the trailer looks in amazing shape doesn’t mean it’s been maintained. Don’t fall for a good-looking trailer; make sure you know about the trailer maintenance record.
  • How was the trailer used? Many trailer owners improperly use their trailers, and you want to make sure the trailer you purchase was used correctly. Doing so will ensure you’re buying property that has expected wear-and-tear.
  • How has the trailer been modified? Are there new trailer parts that have been added that you should know about? This isn’t to ferret out bad things; often, modifications can enhance the positive aspects of the trailer.

One final note about buying trailers for sale: Always take them out and test them before you buy. Don’t simply test them on the seller’s vehicle; test them on yours. See if everything is up to your standard. If you aren’t sure if the trailer is in great shape, bring it over to Reinhart Trailers and we’ll examine it for you. Remember, too, that we have trailers for sale at our new Caledon location, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about them.

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