Understanding Emergency Versus Non-Emergency Trailer Repair

While all trailer repairs are important, some are urgent and others can wait until you can get to Reinhart Trailers on your day off. Those new to trailer ownership can be confused about which type they’re dealing with when a problem arises. That’s why we’ve put together a quick guide to understanding emergency versus non-emergency trailer repair issues.

If you have the following concerns about your trailer, check to see if they warrant a call immediately – and certainly before you use your trailer again – or can wait for a week or two:

  • Wheel and Axle Problems – At the first sign of a wheel or axle problem, you need to stop using your trailer and get it to a trailer repair shop. Wheels and axles are essential to the safe working of every trailer. While not all wheel and axle issues are dire, it can be tough to tell the difference. Err on the side of caution.
  • Light Bulbs and Lamps – This is a tricky situation, because it depends where you’re having difficulty. For instance, if your flashers aren’t working, it’s not safe to drive your trailer on the road. However, if a lamp onthe bed of your trailer isn’t working, you can certainly wait until you can drive the trailer to Reinhart Trailers. Don’t wait too long, of course, as it could be an electrical issue and not just a matter of replacing a bulb.
  • Brakes – This is kind of a no-brainer, but it does need to be said: You absolutely need to have reliable brakes on your trailer. Just as you wouldn’t want to drive a car without brakes that are in working condition, you never want to use a trailer with questionable brakes.
  • Hinges, Trailer Latches, Lift Gates, Etc. – When you have problems with these items, you can be the judge of whether it’s an emergency or not. It really depends upon how you’re using your trailer, as well as what the concern is. A sticky hinge that should be replaced or repaired down the road, but that still functions, isn’t as urgently in need of trailer repair services as a hinge that isn’t functioning all or most of the time.
  • Suspension –If you’ve noticed that your suspension on your trailer isn’t what it used to be, that’s a red flag that you should make an appointment. It isn’t recommended that you use the trailer with a suspension in need of tuning up or replacement.


Regardless of what your repair need is, make sure you take it seriously. Remember that getting regular maintenance on your trailer can help avoid “Uh, oh” moments.

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