Common Issues with Electrical Components That Require Trailer Repair

Your trailer, whether you bought it new or used, probably has a number of electrical components.  Eventually, each of those electrical components is likely to need maintenance, especially as your trailer ages and you use it more frequently.  Below are some of the common issues we see with electrical components that require trailer repair.

  • Turn signals and lights. This is absolutely one of the top electrical issues for which people bring their trailers to Reinhart Trailers.  There can be a number of issues underlying this problem.  The first could simply be that the light is out and requires a replacement.  Obviously, this is an easy fix!  Another issue could be that the wiring has simply come undone.  Again, that’s usually something that can be corrected quickly.  More complicated problems are when the wiring has begun to wear out, or there are other indications that the trailer repair may be necessary on additional parts of the trailer, not just the electrical parts.
  • Lights inside the trailer. This is another complaint, especially for enclosed trailers that have lights.  Just as we do with the turn signals and other safety lights, we’ll test all the possible problems to determine what’s wrong.
  • Malfunctioning gates, ramps and/or hoists. Not every trailer is going to have electronic components in these areas, but those that do may find that the electric parts simply aren’t working together as they should.  There may be delays, or stoppage of power to one part of the trailer.
  • If your trailer is showing signs of trouble in its electrical brakes, it’s time to call Reinhart Trailers immediately.  Brakes are essential, and if there’s any indication that there could be electrical failure, you need to rectify the situation for safety reasons.

No matter what kind of trailer repair issue you have, you can trust us to give you the straight scoop and figure out what’s going on.  After diagnosing the problem, we can provide you with cost-effective, secure solutions.  It’s one of the reasons we’re so busy year-round with trailer repair service!

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