Considerations When Pricing Used Trailers for Sale

Is one of your goals this year to purchase a used trailer?  Used trailers for sale are available from dealerships, as well as through online sources.  However, it’s important that you take several factors into consideration when evaluating which used trailer is going to be best suited for your needs.

Below are some of the aspects of the trailers you should keep in mind when embarking on this exciting purchase:

  1. The Cost. Obviously, you have a budget, and you want to keep to the budget.  That’s where cost comes into the picture.  Yet you have to weigh much more than just the overall cost of the trailer. For instance, is it a late model used trailer from a reputable manufacturer, and is its price just an indication of normal depreciation?  Is it a later model trailer that a dealership simply wants to get off the lot?  Or is it somewhere in the middle?
  2. The Condition. This is where it’s best to take any used trailer to a dealership to have it thoroughly examined before exchanging any money.  Even if a trailer looks okay to you, it might have hidden problems that could hinder its performance.  On the other hand, if it has slight imperfections that are completely aesthetic, there’s really no problem using it.
  3. The Manufacturer. There are several notable manufacturers of trailers, such as Triton, Car Mate and Featherlite.  If you are buying a trailer, it’s always best to go with a trusted name.  Think of it like buying a car.  Would you purchase a vehicle from anything but the best that you could afford?
  4. The Age. Although a well-maintained used trailer can last for years and years, you’ll still want to consider how old a trailer is.  Older trailers may require more maintenance and repair, and that can add up over time.  Even if the price is very cheap, it isn’t a bargain if you have to keep getting it fixed.
  5. The History. A lot of people forget to ask about the history of used trailers.  Although the history is not always available, when it is, it can be valuable to your decision-making process.  For instance, was it ever in an accident?  Did the owner repair it promptly?  Was it used constantly, or was it used only a couple of times a year?

As always, Reinhart Trailers is here to help you make your best used trailer purchase.  Feel free to stop by our Caledon location for insights, advice and information on used trailers for sale!

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