CVSA Inspector

Join us for a free event on Wednesday, April 25th,2018 with CVSA Inspectors Dale Smewing ,  learn how to properly strap a load and the Ontario’s fine structure and how you can avoid it. No reservation necessary! time  5:30 pm until 7 … Continue reading

Summer Shut Down

Please note we will closing Friday August 11th, 2017 at 6pm and reopening  Monday August 21st at 8am  

Winter Uses for Utility Trailers

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you have to store your utility trailer until the spring thaw. In fact, many utility trailer owners relish having this essential piece of equipment during this time of year. If you’re new … Continue reading

Trailer Maintenance Knows No Season

For many people, winter is a time of hibernation.  It’s a chance to relax a little bit and enjoy warm nights by the fireplace, lazy Sunday afternoons and sleeping in a tad longer on particularly chilly mornings.  However, it may … Continue reading