Top 10 Things to Know Before You Buy a Horse or Livestock Trailer

Moritz SR Series Horse & Livestock Trailer

Whether you are a farmer, horse trainer or racer or just an animal lover, there are important things to look for before you decide to buy a livestock trailer for use on your farm or ranch. Reinhart Trailer Sales carries quality trailers from Moritz and Featherlite and can help you make an informed decision. Below are the top 10 things we recommend that you consider before you sign the papers. (You may notice some consistent themes here…just like in some of our other articles. Hey, we wouldn’t repeat them if they weren’t super important.)

First, as always, consider your towing vehicle. It would be a great idea to bring in into the dealership so we can help you determine how much you can pull. This will also give us an idea of how you’re going to pull the trailer – with a ball & hitch or with a gooseneck. During inspection of your towing unit, we’ll also be able to look at electrical hook-up options.

Next, think about the structure of the trailer. Do you want aluminum or steel? Steel trailers are heavier than aluminum and rust easier than aluminum. However, aluminum trailers can be more costly to purchase and are still prone to normal wear and tear.

Consider the interior. What things do you need and what extras do you want? We’re going to break this down:

For your animals:

– How many will you transport at one time? You’ll want to make sure they have enough space for
animals to move.

– Will they need to be fed and watered while you are traveling?

– What types of dividers are necessary and what butt bars will be needed to keep animals safe and secure?

For you:

– If you are transporting horses, do you need a dressing room and/or tack room?

-Consider where you are going to store extra supplies like feed, tack, accessories, spare tires and
more. Customizing options are available. Just ask us!

Another feature you’ll need to make a decision upon is ventilation for your animals. Whether you choose windows or roof vents, having adequate movement of air will help your animals stay comfortable and avoid over exposure to extreme heat or cold during transportation.

Keep in mind that these are just ten items to consider. There are many more options to look at including spare tire options and custom items. For instance, you may want to add cabinetry, extra lighting, a custom design on the exterior to represent your company or farming operation and straight ramps or slant load for your horses.

Feel free to speak with a Reinhart representative at any time who will be able to walk you through standard and extra options of all the livestock trailers available for purchase. We are experts in the trailer field and are looking forward to helping you with your new or used trailer purchase for livestock or horses.